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Advanced Gardening Service
Patio Covers
There has been a high demand of
patio covers in Las Vegas because
of how well they keep the patio at a
much cooler temperature than
everywhere else surrounding it.
 We specialize  in installing      
  patio covers with a life time    
  warranty on the patio covers.
  We can slope the roof of the   
  patio cover to have the rain    
  drop down or any other          
  special request you may have.
Advanced Gardening Service Referrs this work to
other Independent Licensed Contractors. View our
Services Page for Referrences and other Services.
 The look of wood with the         
reliability  of aluminum.

A Life Time Warranty                                   
 Strong & Durable                           
Maintenance Free
Look of Real Wood
Maintains its "Like New" look for  years!
Engineered for up to 110 MPH winds!